Pay No Attention


Yesterday, I was invited to be a guest on
Devin Gage’s awesome podcast.

Most podcasts start with the same type of question:
Who are you?
What have you done?
Tell us about you?

What follows after these questions is usually a perfectly prepared chronological tour of the “mountain” moments of my life. Perfectly scripted to give the illusion that
I just leaped from mountain to mountain, success to success.


Devin’s first question threw me off yesterday.

He asked:
Why should we listen to you?


If anyone were to listen to anything I say it would not be because of the “mountain” moments, it should be because of the “valley” moments.

The valley is far more instructional, educational,
and quite honestly entertaining than the mountains.

My faith, spirit, and grit were formed in the valleys.

Endurance was forged, and strength was discovered
in the deepest parts of the valleys.

Endurance is not grinding things out, but a moving from strength to strength.

YOU INTO THE VALLEYS (or pretends they never been through a valley)

Thank you Valleys. I’ve seen some breathtaking mountain views because of you.

If I can help, please call / text or email

Here’s my humble Reddick Formula

1. Start with your heart – it’s more of a weapon than you think

2. Break Inertia – Nothing happens sitting on your ass

3. Serve the person in front of you – they are a bigger opportunity than you think

4. There are no big things – Crush every little thing.

5. Say YES! – Nothing great ever happens by saying no.

6. Squeeze Every Second – Do What you’re doing, while you’re doing it.

7. Do it all AGAIN! – Repetition brings results

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Paul Reddick is on a mission to help people who care create businesses that matter. A celebrated speaker, coach and entrepreneur, Paul spent 16 years as the resident speaker and camp director for the Yogi Berra Museum, served as a coach and scout for 2 Major League Baseball teams, and was a State Delegate for USA Baseball. In order to take his coaching to the masses, Paul created one of the largest online digital education platforms in the world. He’s authored six best-selling books and is a consultant for some of the biggest brands in sports and fitness. Through his 567 Academy, Paul pays it forward, working hands on with more than 100 entrepreneurs every year to help them create their own successful businesses with causes that matter.

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