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The Only 8 Things You Need To Get All The Clients You’ll Ever Want!

Here's what you'll learn on the webinar:

  • Multiplying Clients! You can’t leave this to chance and you have to be intentional about generating them. We’ll review the best strategies so you can get more referrals and increase revenue in your business.
  • A Sales Process That Sets You Apart From Your Competition... The fitness space is more crowded than ever before. You must have a simple and easy way for new clients to get started, they will go somewhere else. We’ll review how to create a sales process that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Become A local Celebrity by Building Key Relationships. Word of mouth marketing is a powerful strategy that you shouldn’t leave to chance. We’ll go over an action plan to become the mayor of your town so you can generate a steady stream of new business.
  • Stop Clients From Leaving! You can’t ignore defense. All the hard work you put into getting new clients is lost if you’re losing current clients. We’ll go over the best retention strategies so can keep your current clients happy so you can build a strong stable of clients.
  • Click Send and Get Clients. Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, you own your email list and can market what you want when you want. Your email list is a gold mine, you just have to put it to work.
  • How To Know You’re Winning. Could you imagine an NFL team that didn’t have a playbook for how to score touchdowns? If you aren’t keeping score of what’s working, not working and key metrics, how will you know what plays to run and if you're winning?
  • Let Your Clients Do The Selling - Social proof is the best form of marketing you can leverage. We’ll go over how to capture success stories and testimonials so you ramp up your marketing
  • Get Great Reviews! You must have a digital media strategy. Having an online presence is critical to generating new clients. This is the first place they are looking to learn more about your business. Positive reviews, content and paid advertising are non-negotiables.

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