Fit Pro’s Guide To Writing Emails That Gets Clients - 567 Academy

Attention: Fit Pros!

Are You Leaving Half Of The Business You Should Be Getting On The Table?

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • How to build an email list that pulls in profits every time you click send. There is not a more predictable method of generating revenue than clicking send.
  • Exactly how many times you should be mailing your list. FACT: Most don’t email nearly enough and are leaving profits on the table because of it… AND they are allowing room for another gym’s message to get in your client's head.
  • What to write in your emails that will generate a response each time you click send.
  • The most important part of your email that almost everyone overlooks or screws up. This alone gets your emails opened by the right people who will take action to sign up for your programs.
  • The often laughed at and overlooked book that will help you write hundreds of emails.
  • Why email is 10x more powerful than social media. If done right, email can actually turbocharge your social media, but without email, your social, no matter how good it is, will be falling short.
  • If you’re doing social and not doing email, you’re missing out on more than half of your exposure and impact your business deserves.
  • The one type of email you should mail 50 times per year.
  • The email you should send every single fall that could prevent your clients from gaining an unwanted 5lbs. You can also use this template several times throughout the year to send killer emails that wake up your clients and get them into your program.
  • How to create literally hundreds of emails in a short brainstorming session and how to get your clients to write your emails for you. This way, you’ll have always have tons of content to put into your emails.
  • The one thing every single email MUST have that most fit pros never put in their emails AND it’s the reason most emails don’t produce the profits they should.
  • The secret timing trick to sending your emails at the right time of the day so they get opened, read and responded to.
  • The most powerful aspect of email that no social media platform can ever compare to, duplicate or compete with. This one alone will change the way you think about email vs. social media forever. When most hear this they dive head on into email marketing.

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