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A Time For The Mentally Tough!
The Mindset You Must Have
For Re-Opening & Re-Building!

Here's what you'll learn on the webinar:

  • The mindset you MUST have when re-opening your business that most other gym owners will be too scared to take on. Do this, and you’ll eat their lunch!
  • What every gym is going to get wrong and most won’t even know it’s costing them until it’s too late but worse, it will send their current members running to other gyms.
  • The NEW Post-Corona business model that creative gym owners will use to double or triple their business. This opportunity is huge for those who know about it.
  • DON’T WIN THE WRONG GAME! Why should completely ignore every single thing any guru is telling you. They don’t know the NEW game that you’ll be playing. They have it all wrong, and you’re the one that will end up paying for their awful advice.
  • There are now 1000’s of clients that ignored your gym in the past that NOW will be flooding your classes. We’ll tell you where to find them.
  • The one sheet of paper that keeps your emotions in check, keeps you focused on re-building and positions you for exponential growth.
  • HARD TRUTH: 75% of gyms will NOT survive and end up going belly up.
  • The single most critical thing your clients must hear from you on the day you open your doors, YOU CAN’T mess this up. You’ll only get one shot at it.

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