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In the Podcast Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • Why NOT having a podcast is costing you new clients
  • Why HAVING a podcast gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. It will be years before they catch on, if they ever do at all.
  • The retention strategy that only can be put to work if you have a podcast. Having this in place will extend the amount of time clients stay training at your facility. Retention drives long term revenue stability.
  • Why podcasting is the best way to capture testimonials that showcase the short term success of your clients, but tell a long term story about the results your business can create for any client. Nothing drives business more than testimonials!
  • Would you like to partner with local doctors, physical therapists and sports coaches and have them send clients to you? A podcast will get you into the door of places that no other gym in your area will be able to enter. Having strategic partners sending you clients becomes a predictable, reliable income stream.
  • How a podcast instantly makes you into the go-to trainer in your area and turns you into the dominant facility in your market.
  • NEVER TOUCH THE TECH! You’ll learn how to set up your podcast so you never even have to think about the technology. You’ll just have to click a few buttons and be done.
  • How to get your podcast recorded, up on podcast platforms and generating listeners for FREE.
  • WARNING: Don’t spend a single cent of any podcast equipment.
  • You’re getting the exact scripts, interview questions, intros and outro’s and calls to action for your podcast. Just follow our exact proven script.
  • How to promote your business on your podcast without having it seem like you're promoting. This technique will work 10x better than anything you do on your own to promote your programs.
  • How to have your clients promote, build and grow your base of podcast fans. They will be like your personal marketing department driving more clients and packing your programs.
  • How your podcast will eliminate no-shows and cancellations for consults and assessments. This one tactic could increase revenues 10% - 35% in the first few weeks you publish your podcast.

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