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There is never a charge for coaching with me.

If you set up a call with me, I’ll coach you with everything I’ve got and help you as best I can.

God made me a coach. I can’t help myself. It’s what I was born to do. If I see someone has a void, and I can help, I have to fill that void.

Plus, any success I’ve enjoyed is because a lot of good people answered my call and I never want to forget that.

Because of this philosophy, people often ask...

How do you stay in business if you don't charge?

Here's how I look at it:

Let’s say you were a musician and you’re working on an album,

and you’re stuck on the first song and could not seem to get it to sound the way you want, but then you remembered that you had Dr. Dre’s number.

So, you call Dre and ask…

“Could you help me? I’m stuck on this song.

Can I play it for you and see what you think?”

So you play the song for Dre. and he says,

“Here’s what I think you should do…"

And He proceeds to give you the direction

and wisdom that only comes from decades of experience.

You take Dre’s advice and get the song sounding exactly how you want.

If that’s all you need to get the album going, awesome!

You go on your way to finish your album, and Dre feels good about giving a musician some help.



Most of the coaching calls I have go just like that.

Someone calls me up and asks “Can you help me?”.

I give them some help and they’re on their way.

They got the help they needed, and I feel great about helping.

It’s good karma all around.

So, how do I stay in business?

Let’s say you like what Dre did with the first song so much that you think it might be better to have Dre produce the entire album rather than struggle to do it yourself.

If that’s the case, then we certainly have some next steps on how we can work together on a more official basis.

The people who work with me long term want me to

“produce the entire album.” not just tweak a song here and there.

They come to me to pull out the greatness they know is inside them.

They want a masterpiece, and traditional coaching is not always the answer.

Producing is seeing the whole project from start to finish not just tweaking songs or putting out fires like more traditional coaching.

Your masterpiece may be:

  • Building a new business.

  • Re-imagining something in your current business.

  • A new brand

  • An online product.

  • becoming a better father or leader.

No matter what you, the “artist.” brings to me, my job as your “producer” is to pull the greatness out of you and get it out into the world.

So, our relationship might just be a coaching session where I offer you some help and tweak a few songs, or maybe we’ll work together long term and collaborate on “a hit album.”

Either way, it will be great for both of us, and we’ll become friends.

Email me here, tell me what you have going on and we’ll set up a time to talk.


Paul Reddick

PS – I’m most proud of the fact that I’m the guy who’s trusted by people who are hard to earn trust with…

But, please don’t let the level these guys are at stop you from reaching out. People come to work with me at all stages. All I want is your passion. 

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No charge. 100% free.

“I’ve known Paul for years now, and have great respect for his marketing savvy (and especially his ability to end up where the money is). I’ve even done a few biz-oriented favors for the dude, knowing that having him owing me one is a powerful tool when I need it – all prior advice he’s given me on specific projects has been golden.”

John Carlton

“If I had to name the number one factor that has contributed to me taking my startup online business from my first sale to almost 7 figures in under two years, I would undoubtedly answer… guidance from those that I respect and have proven track records before me. Paul Reddick tops this list for me.”

Jeff Cavaliere

“Paul is extremely generous with his time and energy. He’s detail oriented and can cut through the fog in your business. He’s a reliable teammate and a solid operator.”

Mark Devine

Before 567 Academy:
I was in college with no business, location, or plan. I just knew what I wanted to do and needed a road map and support to get there.

After 567 Academy:
• Team of 6. 2 full time coaches
• moved into dream 9,000 sf facility in Feb
• steadily grossing 35k+ per month
• about 230 members that are raving fans
• built a great business with a great reputation in our community bought new house in May and am able to provide and spend quality time with my wife, building for our future

Connor Flahive

Before 567 Academy:
I was not pushing myself to my full capabilities and the joy and passion that caused me to start on my journey had diminished.

After 567 Academy:
When I rejoined GFGI a year and a half ago, the spark was lit once again and the business has continued to grow in terms of my staff, our revenue and the happiness factor!

Kyle Newell

Before 567 Academy:
I was a perfectionist and was heading in a lot of directions fast, none of which I  felt totally Comfortable with.

I had two gyms doing just over a half a million and my online stuff was a mess. Like a young jabronie that I was I expected things to fall into place overnight and was moving towards a market online I shouldn’t of been in.

After 567 Academy:
I have four gyms and plan to be well over a 2 million dollar company by Jan 1 2017. I have realized my niche in this industry which I now understand exactly how to serve both offline and online.

I no longer go off in 100 different directions, I’ve actually learned to say no and focus! I have learned perfection is a myth.

I cut my mullet off but I plan to bring it back eventually.

Joe Carabase

Before 567 Academy:
wanted to get a million clients, multiple locations and make a billion dollars

After 567 Academy:
I understand what’s really important, where I’m headed and what I need to do to truly be successful

Danny Salazar