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Will you be defined
minimally or

Break Through The Fog, Shut Down The Noise, Silence The Chatter
And Get Clarity Without All The Motivational Garbage,
Personally Tests And Hacking!

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Joe DeFranco

“It's so powerful. I got emotional.


Jason Ferrugia

“I got goosebumps.


Jim "Smitty" Smith

“This changed my life.

Have you always suspected you can play at a much higher level?

Another level of performance?
Another level of life?
Another level of business?

Have you ever felt there’s something special inside of you and if you could only find a way to access that part of you, you’d be unstoppable, but up until now have not found someone who can help you access it?

I’m willing to bet…

You have a vision of yourself that far exceeds your current situation…

It’s like a movie that’s always been running in the background, and you’re the star of it. 

I’m also willing to bet, in that movie, your the vision of yourself is:


You can't explain your vision, and nobody understands it, right? 

But, it’s so real to you and you know you’re so close…

You’ve probably read the motivational books, listened to all podcasts, attended seminars and maybe even tried to “hack your brain” with supplements trying to figure out how to access this untapped part of you.

Traditional motivation will never work on a person like you. It’s always enough to get it going, but never enough to keep it going, right?

You may have taken a bunch personality tests in an attempt to “figure yourself out” and breakthrough to that next level.

Personality tests are great, but they are only as good as the answers you give and the fixed answers they spit back out. Personality tests can give you information about yourself, but not insight on what will drive you.

These tests can only tell you what’s in your head,
not what’s burning in your heart.

You’re not going to access the highest version of yourself reading books, jumping up and down at a seminar, or popping brain supplements.

You’re going to need someone to pull it out of you, because…

You're A Heart Guy, NOT A Head Guy!

Good news for you is:

Everything great ever achieved was from heart guys, like you.

Let me explain…

There are 3 parts of your brain.

The part that WANTS to do something,
The part that CAN do something,
The part that WILL do something.

The WANT part represents your ambition.
The CAN part represents your ability.
The WILL part represents your action.

Here's how your brain works:

You get an idea to do something, and the WANT part of your brain says:

     “I want to do that.”

The WANT then checks in with the CAN part and asks.”

     “Can we do that?”

The CAN part responds:

     “Yes, we can do that” and kicks it over to the WILL part of your brain.

...and that's where things get
stalled, stuck and end up dying, don't they?

I’ll bet you’ve got a million great ideas, don’t you?

I’ll bet you start and stop on projects all the time, right?

I’ll bet you’ve got a bunch half finished…programs, books, podcasts or videos, correct?

The WILL part of your brain
is running the show.

It would make sense that the thing to do is fix the WILL part and that’s when we find ourselves spinning our wheels, reading book after book, shouting affirmations,  jumping up and down at a seminar or trying to hack ourselves.

We try to bypass, silence or overcome the WILL part of our brain, so we can move more of the things we WANT to do and CAN do into action.

There's Nothing Wrong With You.

Here’s why you’re stalled:

You’re trying to figure this out from your head.

The WILL part of your brain…is in your brain!

REMEMBER: You’re a heart guy, not a head guy!

You’re never going to figure this out by fixing your brain because

the movie running in the background is in your heart and it fueled by passion and not logic.

The head has logic.
The heart has passion.

The good news:

Genius doesn’t come from logic.
Passion doesn’t come from logic.
Nothing amazing comes from logic.

The movies that inspire us, the songs that move us, teachers that drive us all come from the heart.

If You're Going To Win...
You're Going To Win From The Heart!

When you hear people describe great athletes, competitors or musicians the word they most use to describe them is HEART.

If you don’t take your performance to the level of our heart, you’ll always fall to the level of your thinking, and you’ll keep swimming around in your head continuing to get exactly what you’ve got now.

You’ve already done everything you know to do. If any of that worked to access the potential you know you have, would you be reading this?

Once you experience the freedom you’ll have when you stop trying to figure this out from your head; you’ll never look back.

Short of knowing your 5-6-7 your playing blind archery hoping something will crack open your potential.


Your 5-6-7 Profile takes about 2 minutes, but don’t let the length of the process fool you.

This is the most powerful 2 minute conversation you’ll ever have.

For many, it’s the first time they’ve ever accessed this level.

I had a guy tell me that having me give him his 567 was like someone giving him the lyrics to a song he’s been hearing in his head his whole life.

“Going 567” has changed so many lives 7 people have tattooed it on their body.

Here’s just a few of them: 


You Can’t Operate
On Yourself!

On the surface the 5-6-7 looks very simple, after all, it’s just 2 questions.

Eventually, you can do a 567 on yourself but, you’ll never push yourself the true depth.

You need someone to pull it out of you.

Do you train harder with a coach or by yourself?

A coach’s job is to pull it out of you.

You’ll only pull out the surface level BS

If you could get to this kind of level on your own, you’d be there already.

You'll Never Look
At Life The Same

Once we access your deepest internal motivators through the 5-6-7:

Overwhelm is replaced with confidence.
Distraction is replaced with focus.
Procrastination gets obliterated by action.

You’ll feel differently about everything in your life.

The rules won’t apply to you anymore.

You won’t get caught up in the drama of normal society.

Let's Find Your 5-6-7!

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Here’s where I could bore you with credentials. The truth is, I’ve done a lot of cool stuff and accomplished some pretty big things, but that’s not important to our conversation, is it?

Do you care how I awesome I make myself sound

or how awesome I can make you?

I won’t spend my time trying to convince you my life is better than yours.

Instead, I’ll spend all my time unlocking the hidden greatness in you.

I do this because God made me a coach. That’s what I do. I can’t help myself.

I don’t live an “epic” life. You won’t find me climbing Kilimanjaro, racing Lambos or taking selfies every 10 seconds.

I’m your coach. That’s what I do every day.

If there is one thing I’m proud of it’s the fact that I’m trusted by the people who are the toughest to earn trust with.


Joe DeFranco

“Paul is the Wolf. He’s the guy we all call when we
have problems, and he fixes them.”

Our relationship will be driven by one quote…

“The greatest thing any person can do for another is to confirm
the deepest thing in him to take the time to see what’s most deeply there,
most fully that person and then confirm it by recognizing and encouraging it.”

Eugene Peterson

There's No Catch

A few times a year I open up times in my schedule for 5-6-7 calls with people who are not clients.

This is not a sales call in disguise.

No strings attached. No catch.

This is a handshake.


Here's another Reason I Do This...

I open up these slots because I know it can be hard when you’re struggling to reach a level that you know is possible, but have yet to unlock.

You’ve probably beaten yourself up a bit, and maybe self-doubt has crept in and, maybe some people have stomped on your dreams.

I’m willing to bet, you’ve been through some stuff in your life. Good!

That has shaped you, made you tougher and stronger. You’re gonna pull on that battle-tested experience to create a big beautiful future later on.

Just remember, you came through all of that with your soul intact.

If all that had gotten to your soul, you wouldn't be reading this now.

But, enough is enough. You’ve been stalled for too long and now is the time to break free of all that.

I’m not going to tell you this will be the most powerful conversation of your life,

I’ll let you find that out for yourself.



Set up your 5-6-7 Call Now

Limited to 11 Spots ONLY

PS - I only ask one thing…

Don’t show up and be one of “those" guys. You see the people I work with are pretty serious people. I have zero interest in working with hard asses and tough guys.

Try to impress me with how much you’ve got it together, and I’ll immediately lose interest in you.

I’m a coach. I need something to work with.

Show me a void, and I’ll fill it.

Show me your heart, and I’ll set it on fire!


Set up your 5-6-7 Call Now

Limited to 11 Spots ONLY