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Paul Reddick

Founder, 567 Academy

I was right where you are. The day to day operations of owning a business kept getting in the way of breaking through the barrier to real success. Nights a weekends were dominated by just trying to get caught up, and our vision for the future was always further away than we wanted it to be. Then we found a system that worked, and now we're teaching others to implement the same system. It's been incredible to watch their businesses grow after being part of 567 Academy. Just keep reading to see what they have to say.

See what some of our students say:

Before 567 Academy:

  • 4k month at the gym and working multiple jobs
  • 20 gym members
  • living at my moms
  • barely able to take care of my daughter
  • In a toxic relationship because she helped take care of my kid
  • working 16 hour days everyday and not making any money

After 567 Academy:

  • hit 40k in a month/ steadily bringing in over 30k/month
  • two full time employees
  • own my own home
  • doubled my gym space
  • have close to 200 members and have built an amazing community around my gym
  • have the flexibility to spend as much time with my daughter as I want

Devin Gage

Gage Strength Training

Before 567 Academy:
Living in hell and working at a corporate job that made me feel like I was walking to my own execution every single day I went to work.

After 567 Academy:
Living my dreams and living life on my own terms. I am inspiring others to chase their own dreams and conquer their fears and struggles.

James Smith

Diesel S/C

Before 567 Academy:
I was a perfectionist and was heading in a lot of directions fast, none of which I  felt totally Comfortable with.

I had two gyms doing just over a half a million and my online stuff was a mess. Like a young jabronie that I was I expected things to fall into place overnight and was moving towards a market online I shouldn’t of been in.

After 567 Academy:
I have four gyms and plan to be well over a 2 million dollar company by Jan 1 2017. I have realized my niche in this industry which I now understand exactly how to serve both offline and online.

I no longer go off in 100 different directions, I’ve actually learned to say no and focus! I have learned perfection is a myth.

I cut my mullet off but I plan to bring it back eventually.

Joe Carabase

m.e.l.t. 30 Workout

Before 567 Academy

Had every idea of what I wanted but didn’t have the self-belief that I can actually achieve. I was lost and everything was linked to my demons within.

After Academy

More confident and loving and living my purpose. GFGI didn’t teach me how to succeed in business you can learn that in a book. GFGI taught me much much more than that, how to unleash my greatness upon this world. And I’m not even close to being done.

Pete Isip

Krank Systems

Before 567 Academy:
I was nearly divorced, working 80 hours a week, barely able to make my $250 rent at my subleased space in MMA studio.

After 567 Academy:
Now I’m happily married, two kids, no full-time job anymore, two moves into a newer and bigger location and making more money.

Mike Corona

Activate Fitness

Before 567 Academy:
I had no direction to improve my business.

After 567 Academy:
Since my joining my gym business has grown over 30% and the future looks great. This is just the start. IT’S NEVER OVER.

Matthew Lawrence

Ironman Fitness

Before 567 Academy:
I had very little goals. I was clueless. Had no direction and was falling to really produce anything in my business. I was relying upon affiliate sales to make money.

After 567 Academy:
These days I feel like I am in command, like I can do whatever I put my mind to. I am more productive and have actual goals.Plus, I feel like my spiritual and family life are better than ever.

Jedd Johnson

Diesel Crew

Before 567 Academy:
I was very doubtful of myself and had little confidence. I was working at a commercial gym and they were basically robbing me right in front of my face. I didn’t look forward to Mondays and counted down the hours until the weekend. At that time, I NEVER would of thought about opening my own place.

After 567 Academy:
Now I know what my purpose is. I know that this is what I was put here to do. I was put here not only to help people in the gym but to help them truly change their lives. I now realize it’s more than just the training program and its about connecting with people on a much deeper level. There’s no turning back for me now.

Brad Martin

Titan Strength

Before 567 Academy:
• never believed in myself
• never took risks
• never valued myself
• let other people determine my worth
• large amounts of anxiety/depression-lived off of $500-$1400/month out of my beat ass car or with parents of friends willing to lend a hand

After 567 Academy:
• progressively increased my own self worth
• steadily increased income to a much more livable and now enjoyable amount (able to take vacations and do more fun activities)
• much more proud of who I am
• more capable to handle shitty situations
• happier and loving my life every day

Kevin Dea

DEA Strength Training

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